A study of Matthew Kelly's Perfectly Yourself

    Welcome to our study and application of Matthew Kelly's book Perfectly Yourself.  Each month we will work together to understand and apply one lesson from the book.  We will use this page as a resource to share ideas and encourage each other as we work together to become "perfectly ourselves."  

    Why only one chapter per month?

    Perfectly Yourself is a very practical and easy to understand book.  But our goal is to go beyond understanding and to apply the lessons in our lives.  Experts say that changing habits and behaviors takes at least 21 days of practice. That's why we will focus on only one chapter per month.

    The first week of the month we can spend reading and understanding the chapter and then spend the rest of the month applying the lesson from the chapter.  Along the way, we will share our insights and suggestions as well as our experiences in appling the lesson in our own lives.  We will also provide a forum for you to share your experiences and questions as you work to apply the lesson in your life.  Each chapter will have a one-page chart to keep track of how you are doing in applying the lesson for that month.  

    Virtual Book Study

    The Virtual Book Study is a place where we can share our thoughts, successes and challenges as we read and apply Perfectly Yourself.  Click on the Virtual Book Study link check out the latest posts to the book study.

    The Plan

    January: Chapter 1 - Are You Making Progress?

    Lesson: Celebrate your Progress
    Download Chapter 1 Chart as a PDF or a  Word Document

    February: Chapter 2 - Perfectly Imperfect

    Lesson: Just do the Next Right Thing
    Download Chapter 2 Chart as a PDF or a Word Document
    Key Takeaways - Chapter 2 PDF

    March: Chapter 3 - Looking into the Future

    Lesson: Put Character First

    April: Chapter 4 - 86,400 Hours

    Lesson: Find What you Love and Do It

    May: Chapter 5 - What do you Believe?

    Lesson: Live What you Believe

    June: Chapter 6 - Beyond Instant Gratification

    Lesson: Be Disciplined

    July: Chapter 7 - Unburden Yourself

    Lesson: Simplify

    August: Chapter 8 - What is your Mission?

    Lesson: Focus on What you are Here to Give

    September: Chapter 9 - Why Worry?

    Lesson: Patiently Seek the Good in Everyone and Everything