St. Pius Rosary Makers

Make Rosaries for the Missions! Become part of Our Lady's Rosary Makers at St. Pius X in Rock Island, IL. 

Our Mission is to make rosaries! Twice a year, in the Marian months of May and October, free rosary materials are distributed to those interested in making rosaries for the missions and local outreaches. Instructions are provided as well. 

Make as few or as many as you wish. The completed rosaries will be gathered up about a month after material distribution and then blessed by Msgr. Merdian.

Let's work directly for the Queen of Heaven to make the May endeavor another success!  View Letters of Appreciation. 

If you missed the May Rosary Makers meeting but would still like to participate, please contact Mary Ann Hansen at 309-206-4169 to pick up materials or with any questions.